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Different Pests


  • Termites are often mistaken for flying ants since they look very similar.

  • However, while ants have three distinct body segments, the termites only have two. Termites also have four wings of equal size, while the flying ant has four wings of two distinct sizes.

  • Termites feed on dead plants and trees, wood, cardboard, paper, books, carpets, furniture, flooring, and window frames.

  • Termites can cause major structural damage.

  • If termites are left uncontrolled they can literally chew a whole house down.

  • Winged termites are attracted to light and most active in the spring time.They could be seen around windows and doors.

  • They live in the wood that they consume and infest walls and furniture.

  • Termites build tunnel systems and mud tunnels to access above ground food sources.

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